Tour the Ecovillage – Saturday!

Saturday, September 26 from 1 – 4. Tours begin every hour.

Join us for a walking tour of Cincinnati’s own urban eco-village! Learn about how this community in Price Hill is making strides in sustainable living. Find out how you can live more ecologically. Take our tour featuring houses that have been rehabbed ecologically, see the gardens of Enright including our Community Common area, and take a short hike on the residential trail through our wooded ridge-top.

Off the Grid Presentation

This Saturday, Sept. 26, at 11 AM there will be a presentation by Phil of Sealtight Systems on the materials, filters, costs, etc. of installing a rooftop, rainwater-fed cistern.  Such water may be for yard use, and we will hopefully see whether drinking and other indoor uses are possible as well.  With rising municipal water prices, and a global water crisis, we felt this should be our next topic.  We’ll meet at Nancy Sullivan’s house, 535 Enright Ave. (about 4/5 of the way to the end, on the left).  You are welcome whether you’ve been to one of the two previous committee meetings or not, and coming doesn’t mean you’re committed to join.

Farm Project Meeting & Party

The work and the fun continue!
Farm Project is in the midst of a successful first season of CSA. The CSA
group is planning an end of season garden party at the greenhouse site and
would like to include Farm Project members in the celebration.
Unfortunately I don’t have the exact date and time to give you, but sometime
in the next few weekends (likely Sunday Oct. 4 or Saturday Oct. 10)

Justwanted to give you a heads up.
Our committee of the EGG task force has been spun off to become its own
task force. This was voted on at the August Board Meeting.

Tuesday Sept 22 at 7pm at the Greenhouse (come early if you want to enjoy
the gardens)

Some items for discussion:
> greenhouse renovation/work days
> plan for perennial/patio garden
> fund raising report and planning
> AmeriCorps report

Hope we have a full house.