Rain Garden Dedication, October 22

Santa Maria Community Services organizers worked with the community and several partners to install a rain garden on State Ave. Residents of Enright and members of the Ecovillage are invited to the dedication on October 22nd at 11:00 a.m. The rain garden is located next to Santa Maria’s Lower Price Hill office, 2918 State Ave.

Board Meeting October 25, 7pm

Our next board meeting will be 10/25/09 at 7pm at Imago.  The meeting will end promptly at 9pm.  The agenda will consist of finances and the by-laws.  There will an hour allotted for each.  Jennifer will lead the finances and Kate and Deborah will lead the by-laws.

We need everyone’s input at this critical juncture!

Price Hill Will Safety Community Action Team Presents “A Seminar on Buildings and Inspections.” How we as a community can help the city combat blighted properties. Residents will also be given a chance to write out a formal complaint for any blighted buildings on their street. These complaints will then be personally handled by the Prosecution Department.

Wednesday, Oct. 14th 7pm, Elder High School Schaeper Center