UEF Harvest Brunch

Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage’s CSA is hosting its second annual harvest brunch as a fundraiser for Urban Earth Farms. The proceeds are used to keep our operation running and to continue delivering local organically grown produce to the community. Come enjoy delicious breakfast foods and good company!   Date and Time: Sun, November 11, 2018 10:00 AM – 2:00 PMContinue reading “UEF Harvest Brunch”

Climate Change is not Man Made

Oh yes. You read that right. “Climate change,” is not man-made. However, this is not to say that the rise in greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere (such as nitrous oxide, methane, and of course carbon dioxide), aren’t a result of human consumption. To be clear, there is no denying that the skyrocketing levels ofContinue reading “Climate Change is not Man Made”

Urban Earth Farms Open House

Celebrate Spring at the Farm! Join Urban Earth Farms for our Annual Open House Saturday, March 25 10 am – 1 pm 824 Enright Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45205 Tour our urban farm sites, & meet the farmers and other local food and farm folks! See firsthand how we grow and share food through our CommunityContinue reading “Urban Earth Farms Open House”

Hunger Free America- By: Jayde Gaines

I recently traveled to Houston, Texas for a Hunger Free America national conference. Hunger Free America is a not for profit organization building a bold, grass-roots, non-partisan membership movement in all 50 states.  Their goal is to enact the policies and programs necessary to end domestic hunger, and ensure that all Americans have access toContinue reading “Hunger Free America- By: Jayde Gaines”

Free Film Series: From Industrial to Organic Agriculture.

The EGG Group (Ecovillage Green Group) is offering a 3-part film series.  The films will be shown at 7:00 PM on February 16, March 16, and April 20 (all Thursday evenings) at the Imago Earth Center.

Strength in Community- By Jamie Gaines

In the past year, this column has covered many topics from resiliency and authenticity, to accountability and group sufficiency.  A common thread among these articles is a sense of the future that we as a community aspire to.  On February 4th and 5th the ERUEV Board had their annual retreat to begin to formalize, andContinue reading “Strength in Community- By Jamie Gaines”

Living In Nature- By Bill Cahalan

On a recent grey day I was walking past the old red oaks in Matt and Elaine’s yard, and saw how many acorns are still on the ground in January.  I reflected on the fact that even in the fall, when I pick up acorns (to plant in my tree nursery, or just to admire)Continue reading “Living In Nature- By Bill Cahalan”