Coming soon: Buy your own complete Monarch butterfly garden!

The Enright Ridge Ecovillage Farm Project will be selling complete Monarch butterfly gardens, including a variety of asclepias, (milkweeds, essential for young monarch catterpillars’  development), as well as a variety of nectar plants selected for their appeal to butterflies as well as beauty throughout the season. Milkweed species include the following Ohio natives: Asclepias hirtellaContinue reading “Coming soon: Buy your own complete Monarch butterfly garden!”

Help bring more Monarch butterflies to Cincinnati

Love Butterflies? Help create new pollinator habitat in Cincinnati! Volunteer with the Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage to bring Monarch Waystations throughout Cincinnati for this remarkable and iconic butterfly! Monarch butterflies, known for their spectacular color and remarkable migration to the mountains of Mexico, are declining because of habitat loss. Working together, homeowners, schools and parksContinue reading “Help bring more Monarch butterflies to Cincinnati”

New officers elected for 2015

The Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage held its annual election gathering on Sunday, Nov. 23 at the Imago Earth Center. MerryBeth McKee was elected president, Mark Carper, vice-president, Lindsay Simmons Treasurer, and Elizabeth Doshi secretary. The evening started with a fabulous potluck dinner. The ecovillage approached Casey, a graphic designer, to develop a design for aContinue reading “New officers elected for 2015”