Eco-village Community Gathering, September 19th at Imago, potluck at 6pm

Eco-village Community Gathering

 Next gathering – Thursday evening, September 19th at the Imago Earth Center, starting with a potluck at 6pm

At our eco-village gathering on August 7th. We brainstormed ideas for things we might add to the social fabric of the eco-village.  A few of the ideas were really popular (denoted with a star *) and a few of the ideas were adopted by specific folks.

– *Mixing the pockets (enright, terry st, mcpherson) **

– *Leaving encouraging notes for folks **

– *Connecting outliers/outreach *

– *Yoga (Deborah J)*

– *Upstart group- personal invitations and door knocks*

– *Coffee hour **

– *Walk in the woods **

– *Family resource center (homey meeting space)*

– *Moon drum circle **

– *Support for moving outside and interacting with each other*

– *Newsroom/TV group*

– *Social skill share events/mtgs (informal gatherings around a skill)*

– *Improve communication via email and facebook*

– *Eco-village field trips*

– *Brew parties/ Brew Guild*

– *Racoon hunt (Chris S.)*

– *Hill-top Food Co-op (Deborah J) **

– *Knitting/ Hand-works group (Jessie) **

– *Meditation group*

– *Bike co-op/riding group (Matt B)**

– *Eco-village barter/swap/time bank idea*

– *Community energy project*

– *Plant swap*

– *Tool share*

– *Progressive dinner*

– *Weekly earth rituals **

– *Board games (Elaine)*

– *Potluck & discussions **

– *Lawn Art (Amy)*

– *Blitz/Mobile Unit/Flash Mob **

The focus of the September 19th meeting will be around actualizing the ideas above that people would like to make a commitment around, and plan for making them happen.  Please join us and be part of this exciting conversation.

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