Free Film Series: Connecting with Neighbors and the Land

CONNECTING WITH NEIGHBORS AND THE LAND –A free friday film series at Common Roots, sponsored by Ecovillage Green Group (EGG), a committee of Enright Ridge Ecovillage

Location: Common Roots Pub, W. 8th St. & Enright Ave. Cincinnati OH. 45205

Time: 7:30pm

Includes: Big screen, Free popcorn, and discussion afterwards

January 26: The Economics of Happiness. This 65 min. film was created and is narrated by Helena Norberg-Hodge. It delivers a powerful message about corporate globalization, showing that small, local economies around the world (many interviews and scenes are shown) are preserving traditions, cultures and communities that ultimately safeguard our happiness.

February 23: Look and See, a Portrait of Wendell Berry. This 80 min. award-winning film presents the world of Kentucky farmer-writer Wendell Berry. He has long been one of our country’s most eloquent critics of industrial agriculture and champions for organic farming and local community. There is beautiful film of Berry’s farm and local landscape, with Wendell speaking in the background from his books. It includes a great interview with his wife Tanya as well as interviews with local farmers.

March 23: Bringing Nature Home. 55 min. Ecologist Doug Tallamy is shown presenting photographs and speaking to an audience about the ecological benefits of planting (to replace lawns and non-native ornamentals) our yards in native plants, thus inviting native insects which in turn enhance the entire ecological community. This can also stimulate new connections with neighbors. Great photos, and Doug is a fine and at times funny speaker.

connecting neighbors and the land
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