CSA Policies

In becoming a member of Enright Ridge CSA:tomatoes

  1. I understand that I am supporting local food production and sharing in the harvest of this urban farm project of the Enright Ridge Ecovillage.

  2. I understand and accept the risks involved with agriculture and how this can affect the yield and variety of produce in shares of the Enright Ridge CSA, and I agree to share in the bounty and loss of the season.

  3. I agree to make payment for my share on time and in full as scheduled. Payment will be accepted online using Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or electronic check payment; payment by check must be sent to Enright Ridge CSA, P.O. Box 5206, Cincinnati, Ohio 45205.

  4. I understand that there are no refunds after the first pickup of the season.flower

  5. I agree to fulfill the farm work hour commitment I have made by selecting a work share, and I understand that I am responsible for keeping track of the hours I work, in the Work Hours binder at the greenhouse and for my own records.

      a. I understand that by joining the Enright Ridge CSA, I am expected to contact the work share administrator and find work teams, times, and tasks that I can accomplish to fulfill my work commitment.

      b. I understand that the Enright Ridge CSA depends on the shared work of its members and I am responsible for showing up for work I have agreed to do, or if circumstances prevent my showing up, I will contact a team leader or staff member to let them know I cannot make it for a particular work session.

      c. I understand that I am responsible for taking care of CSA tools used in performing work, returning them to team leaders,  farmers, or the greenhouse when finished.

      d. I will respect the rights of private property owners when working in CSA gardens on private property.

  6. I agree to keep my membership contact information up to date.

gardenrows  7. I agree that it is my responsibility to pick up my weekly distribution of produce at the designated site and time, which is the Enright greenhouse, 10 am to 12 noon on Saturdays. Failure to do so is not the responsibility of the CSA, and if I arrive later than 12 noon, my share may not be available for that week. (See #9b for advance alternatives to pick up your share later.)

  8. I agree to follow the instructions of the packout crew at Saturday morning pickup in collecting the quantity/amount and variety of produce included in my share each week, and I understand that shares cannot be picked up before 10 am or after 12 noon (except as in #9b, when a member makes arrangements in advance to have a share packed and stored in the cooler).

  9. I understand that if I am unable to pickup my CSA share during a vacation or for any other reason, I can:

 a. Designate another person to come pick up my share and check off that they have done so (please make sure the person is aware of pickup times and protocol).

 b. Alert the packout coordinator by e-mail by Friday evening at 8 pm that I would like to have my share packed up and placed in the cooler for retrieval later on Saturday or on Sunday. (Note: All shares not picked up will be removed on Monday morning and any members who frequently do not pick up packed shares will not be able to avail themselves of this service.)

 c. Let the packout coordinator know, via e-mail, by Friday evening at 8 pm that I will not be picking up my share that week so that my share can be added into the shares for other members.

10. I agree to read all communications from the farm including email, newsletters, notices posted in the greenhouse, and any  paper notices sent out weekly with the food.

11. I understand that the Enright Ridge CSA does not storeor receive any financial data about me, but stores a  “token” with my member ID for partial payments, and that my private information is not shared with any other entities.

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