Strength in CommUnity

One of the ways we get to know new people is hearing their story. Our story makes us unique, and the way we tell it is a way for us to create our lives again and again. In a community like ours, sometimes we hear about someone’s story from others and we form an idea of who that person is or what values they hold. But something changes about our perception of others when we hear their story from them, in just the way they tell it.

For me, I can gauge my inner growth by how I describe my childhood. I used to use harsh, judgmental words, now I tend to use words that are more gentle and grateful for my challenging experiences. How I speak about my work or my children also tells me (and others) where I struggle or where I’ve found peace.

Telling our stories to each other is important in community and the board is interested in creating a way for us to share our stories in our words. Do you feel inspired by this or have ideas about how we can do this in community? Even if you just take a few minutes to tell your neighbor a little bit of your story, each time offers a new opportunity to rewrite how you see your past and your self.

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