Tour the Ecovillage – Saturday!

Saturday, September 26 from 1 – 4. Tours begin every hour.

Join us for a walking tour of Cincinnati’s own urban eco-village! Learn about how this community in Price Hill is making strides in sustainable living. Find out how you can live more ecologically. Take our tour featuring houses that have been rehabbed ecologically, see the gardens of Enright including our Community Common area, and take a short hike on the residential trail through our wooded ridge-top.

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2 thoughts on “Tour the Ecovillage – Saturday!

  1. I’m interested in learning more about Imago, the neighborhood, the community, and the Ecovillage. Is there a way I can get further information, meet with someone, see the community and learn what it would be like to live there? I have my own house (old) I love, and a neighborhood & neighbors I love (Paddock Hills), but am approaching an age when I won’t want to face all the upkeep by myself. So I’m interested in shared housing, but still would like to live in a “real” community vs. a gated “retirement community.” I’d like to find out if Imago might be the right fit for me. Any advice?

    MaryCarol Hopkins

    1. Come to our potlucks! We have a lot of food and fun. Sunday and Wednesday- let me know if you are interested and I will tell you where to go.Hope to see you soon!
      Elizabeth Doshi
      CSA Coordinator

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