Urban Ecology

Reducing our impact on the Earth by improving our homes, our yards and our neighborhood.

Many of us have put hours of labor and sometimes substantial funds into reducing waste and consumption while improving the quality and appearance of our Village. We live in an urban area…an area that is not always “pretty”…it might not be where you expect to find a group of people building a straw-bale house, developing edible forest gardens or wildcrafting…but responsible ecology can happen anywhere. In a neighborhood like ours the focus is on improving existent homes & yards rather than new-building…so salvaging, re-purposing, rehabbing…

In addition, some ecovillage members’ homes are certified as Backyard Habitats by the National Wildlife Federation. These properties provide food and water sources for wildlife, as well as cover and a place for them to raise their young, as well as a lack of harmful chemicals.  Native plants and shrubs, bird feeders and baths and bird houses, bat houses, rock and brush piles and dead tree snags provide critical habitat.  As a result, Enright Ridge residents are rewarded with indigo buntings and Baltimore orioles, a profusion of butterflies and few mosquitoes!

Features of Green Rehab Projects on Enright Avenue