One of the great benefits of living in an urban area is the connection that we have to a diverse community. As part of the community, the Ecovillage works to incorporate both the  households of humans as well as the non-human members who live in the area that makes up the ecovillage.

As part of the eco-village we have:

Hilltop Co-op
The Hilltop Co-op purchases items in bulk through United Natural Foods. This is the
same company Wild Oats orders from, and many items are less expensive through the co-op. We order once every 4 weeks. If you would like to join or for more information, contact Jim Schenk or Deborah Jordan

Cincinnati Zen Center
The Cincinnati Zen Center was founded in 1994 and is part of the Furnace Mountain Sangha, a world-wide Zen community under the direction of guiding teacher Zen Master Dae Gak. The center is led by Abbot Annie Weisbrod, Vice Abbot Steve Hegge, resident teacher Myogetsu Osho and a board of directors.

We also see the broader community of Price Hill as part of our community, the residents, organizations and businesses that make up this resident friendly neighborhood

Price Hill Will
This organization’s goal is to `create systemic change in Price Hill through physical revitalization, community engagement and economic development. Started by Imago in 2,000, it became an independent organization in 2004, and has a major impact on the Price Hill Community.

Place Matters: Price Hill
The projects supported by place matters in Price Hill have three goals:
1. Stabilize the housing market.
2. Promote neighborhood business districts and employment networks.
3. Support youth and early-childhood development