Common Roots

Goals: To refurbish and convert the former Paradise Lounge into a bar, market, rental property, and common space for the ecovillage. To commence retail operations and provide social, cultural, and educational programs for ecovillage residents and the community.
Meeting: 3rd Monday of the month, 7pm@ Common Roots.
Contact: Alison Gensic (


The Enright Green Group Task Force (EGG)

EGG promotes green living practices as a way to help residents save money and conserve the Earth’s resources.  EGG develops programs and activities to enhance the quality of life, improve the character, and increase the enjoyability of the Enright Ridge Urban Eco Village neighborhood and community.  As a result of EGG’s work:

  • There have been 9 raingardens installed in the eco-village,
  • Under the leadership of Deborah Jordan, EGG collaborated, for two years, with the Central Ohio River Valley Local Food Initiative in the production of a Local Food Guide noting area growers, farmers markets, and other food-related resources.
  • It has offered workshops around energy efficiency and water usage and storage.
  • The Urban CSA started under their auspices.
  • Connected to the Food Coop.
  • Involved in updating the weed ordinance to include natural landscaping.
  • Is now recording the green features that presently exist in the eco-village as a stepping stone to developing a future plan for further ecological changes in the eco-village.

Goals: To educate the ecovillage on sustainability, write a monthly article about community progress on sustainability projects, promote green living practices, and develop programs to enhance the quality of life and improve the character of the ecovillage.
Meeting: 2nd Monday of the month, 7 –  8pm @ Imago.
Contact: Jim Schenk (


Membership Committee

Goals: Promote ecovillage membership, maintain membership records, establish membership policies, collect membership dues, recruit high-quality members, welcome new members, and facilitate quarterly all-member meetings.
Meeting: 3rd Thursday of the month, 7pm.
Contact: (


Urban Earth Farms CSA

The EGG task force gave life to the Farm Project in winter 2008-09.  A committee formed to plan for a CSA.  The work of many volunteers from the Ecovillage, local families, schools and universities made it possible to start a Community Supported Agriculture program in the first season of the project and the shareholders also contribute greatly to the Project. In the first part of 2009, an old greenhouse in the 800 block of Enright came on the market.  The Eco-village Farm Project, Imago and the Huber Foundation purchased the greenhouse and have rehabbed it and it has become an important part of the CSA. The Farm Project developed its own committee in August 2009.  Our primary activities at present are running the CSA, transforming a local vacant lot, and raising funds to pay for same. Providing a model for growing food in an urban setting is a high priority for this project.  Building community, and educating people about food issues are ways that the farm project furthers the mission of the ERUEV.  Members of ERUEV with an interest in these goals and ideas are welcome to join.  You may be asked to wear gloves and bring a hoe. People outside the eco-village are also invited to become shareholders in the CSA and receive incredible organic food grown locally at very reasonable prices!

Goals: Provide a model for urban farming, cultivate vegetables that are locally and organically grown, maintain and manage Urban Earth Farms, sell surplus produce at the CSA farm stand, and educate the community about food issues.
Meeting: At least one Sunday a month, contact Gretchen for specifics
Contact: Gretchen Vaughn (


Communications Committee

Goals: Maintain ecovillage website, publish monthly newsletter, educate the community about the ecovillage, provide monthly tours of the ecovillage, maintain clear communication channels in the ecovillage, and promote ERUEV both internally and externally.


Executive Board

Board President: Jane Gensic (
Board Vice President: Jamie Gaines (
Board Treasurer: MerryBeth McKee (
Board Secretary: Denny Cook (