What’s Enright Ridge Ecovillage all About?

Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage is an environmentally focused non-profit located in Cincinnati’s East Price Hill neighborhood. Our mission is to be an ecologically responsible community, sharing ideas, resources, and a reverence for the Earth.

Through a shared sense of place, transparent governance, community projects, and education, we are striving to create and preserve a sustainable community.

So what is sustainability?

Sustainability is composed of three elements: people, planet, and profit. To live sustainability means to think and act intentionally towards creating self-reliant systems that can grow without harming others or the Earth. Here at Enright, we are seeking to reduce our carbon footprint by looking into our energy usage through food production, transportation, housing, and more. We strive to reduce harmful practices while simultaneously promoting healthy lifestyles. By sharing resources and engaging in nature, we are creating social capital for all involved.

We do not want to live in a bearable or viable community, but a community that is built upon social, financial, and environmental equity.

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