Growing. Learning. Thriving.

At Enright Urban Ecovillage, we seek to be an ecologically responsible community sharing ideas, resources, and a reverence for Earth.

Cultivating Community

We are a growing community of diverse people who foster connections with the environment, each other, and the surrounding neighborhood. We believe that cultivating community allows us to enrich our relationships between one another while creating bridges between Cincinnati as well as the world!

Nurturing Empathy

We recognize that our inherent worth as human beings is equal although our individual skills are unique. We share our own stories, listen intently to the stories of others, and—in doing so—help Enright’s story unfold together.

Inspiring Education and Practicing Wellness

We are both teachers and students, reskilling ourselves in the tools necessary for an alternative culture of reliance.

Through mindfulness, balance, and personal growth, we enhance our physical and mental health.

Living Simply and Being Earth

As we heal ourselves and our communities, we begin to heal the Earth. We promote a local, intentional, and slow culture and economy that contributes to the depth of connection and each other.

Striving for a Culture of Interdependence

We strive to step into personal, interpersonal, organizational, and cultural maturity where we employ such tools as conflict resolution, coucil-based work, continuous reflection, and training at all levels.

Come grow, learn, and thrive with us!