Monthly Tour of the Ecovillage

Fourth Saturday of the Month

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED513-921-1932 or e-mail

Learn the history and accomplishments, the problems in developing an urban eco-village, the plans and visions for Enright Ridge Urban Eco-villages. Special group tours can be arranged at other times by appointment. Minimum of six persons required.

Fee: $10 (sliding scale available) or volunteer for an hour or two in the eco-village following the tour.

Location: 700 Enright Ave.; Cincinnati, OH

The tour covers the following:

  1. Introductions and interests among members of tour group.
  2. Powerpoint presentation on:
    • History and reason for developing this urban eco-village
    • Definition of an eco-village in general and of an urban eco-village specifically.
    • Accomplishments and challenges in ERUEV.
  3. Walking tour of the eco-village pointing out accomplishments and dreams.  We will tour, for example:
  4. Rehabbed houses
    • Raingardens
    • Conservation Measures
    • Alternative Energy (Photovotaics and Solar Hot Water)
    • The Farm project, including the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) gardens and Greenhouse.
    • Forest Gardens, bees and chickens in the eco-village
    • Also a tour of the Price Hill Eco-village on McPherson  (just a couple blocks from ERUEV).
  1. On-going questions and answers throughout the tour.  Possible encounters with neighbors.
  2. Problems and progress in developing an intentional community.
  3. What you need to know if you are considering moving to our eco-village or starting ecovillage processes in your own neighborhood.


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