Backyard Chickens: Saturday, May 5th at 2pm

Backyard Chickens: A Presentation and Field Trip

Join us as Heather Redden from Nature’s Harbor Farm covers the basics of keeping chicken in an urban setting. Heather will cover such topics as housing, care and feeding, choosing breeds, keeping peace with neighbors, the biology of egg laying, the benefits of producing your own eggs, chicken behavior, and much more.

The presentation will be followed by a chicken and duck tour of the Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage. During this time participants will get to see a number of different backyard set-ups, and talk with owners about their experiences keeping chickens and ducks in an urban setting.

Heather Redden is passionate about raising all types of poultry and very supportive of urban and suburban farming. She loves to help educate people about the advantages of backyard poultry, beekeeping, and gardening.

May 5th at 2:00 pm
$10/Imago Members; $14/Nonmembers
Preregister Online; By Email; or over the phone (513) 921-5124

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